What are AGN-NA Experts?

To promote more networking and significantly enhanced client service within common industry niches, AGN North America has identified those individuals within the Association membership who are truly knowledgeable within a certain industry or technical area. These individuals are referred to as AGN-NA Experts. 

The purpose of Experts is to ensure that when other members require advice from someone with a real depth of technical and consulting knowledge within a specific area, those individuals are easily identifiable and accessible.  

To become an AGN-NA Expert, strict criteria have to be met, and all Experts have spent a considerable amount of time serving clients within that industry/specialty. 

An initial call to an Expert is free; however, requests for assistance or additional consultation time will be billed at standard rates.

Meet the Experts

Contact any of these individuals to discuss your specific needs.

Kelly Besaw 
Business Valuations

Jeffrey Callahan
International Tax

Scott Walters
SEC Practice

Eric Colca
Business Valuations

Kevin Reynolds

Bradley Lusk
Private Foundations

Timothy Clancy
State & Local Tax

Karen Antonelli

Dean Flores
IT Audit

William Edwards
Qualified Plan Admin & Consulting

Faith Gorman
State & Local Tax

Charles Chiampou
Estate & Succession Planning

AGN-NA Members

How do I become an AGN-NA Expert?

Discuss your interest with your AGN North America board member. Your board member will then contact the North America Regional Director, to discuss your eligibility and inclusion in the Experts list.